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“The secrets of Coaching Wisdom” – Interactive Webinar


Step into a world of profound insights and timeless wisdom as we explore the rich tapestry of Coaching Wisdom. In this captivating webinar, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey that unlocks the full potential of your coaching practice.

Drawing inspiration from age-old practices and holistic philosophies, we'll delve into the essence of coaching, offering a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques. From cultivating intuition to fostering mindfulness, each aspect of Coaching Wisdom holds the key to deeper connections, transformative growth, and unparalleled success in your coaching journey.

Join us as we unveil the secrets of Coaching Wisdom, guiding you toward greater mastery, fulfillment, and impact in your coaching practice.

“Mastering the Art of Synergy” – Book Launch and Round Table Discussion


We had imagined a book launch with lots of people having bubbles and nibbles and enjoying themselves in a great venue. Despite our geographical distance, we are determined to have a great event to mark the occasion.

We would love you to join us virtually on Teams as we celebrate, have some fun (including some brilliant music - not by us!!) and share some brief stories about our book writing journey.

We will be having a toast so please bring along a drink of your choice if you would like to join in.

“Building Resilient Organizations” – Panel Discussion


We welcome you to our panel discussion and some lively conversation about shifting from an analysis of the problems facing each and every one of us today to possible ways to shift these problems, inviting healing throughout our systems. Our perspective is the interconnectedness between people, organizations, countries and our global presence as we innovate, elevate and celebrate together.

“Bridging the Unknown: From Role Work to Soul Calling in Later Life” – Interactive Webinar


Join us for an exploration about how we can cross the bridge from where we find ourselves now and where and what calls us in later life. This webinar will be interactive, experimental, and fun, and it will offer the opportunity to try out some fresh thinking on this huge topic of what waits us as we move from the structured life of employment or full-time working to a more soulful calling (which may or may not include paid work). We will be sharing some material from our latest programme ‘Bridging the Unknown: from Role Work to Soul Calling in Later Life.’ And we will be using a variety of creative practices, mindfulness, poetry, music, and reflective writing to help you to illuminate the road ahead.

“The Masterful Coach” – Round Table Discussion


Ready to transform the way you coach? How about the way you lead?  This  is a perfect blend of skill enhancement, cultural experience, and reflective learning – tailored for today’s dynamic leaders.

Tools to manifest yourself and change your world in your own way.

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