Our choice of available & recomended diagnostic suites

Our choice of available and recommended diagnostic suites is based on our years of experience in the coaching and training industry, as well as the needs and goals of our clients. We have carefully selected diagnostic tools that have been proven effective in providing insights and strategies for personal and organizational development.

For workplace development, we recommend using Agile EQ and Work of Leaders. These diagnostic tools provide valuable insights into communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence, helping individuals and teams identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for growth.

Agile EQ is an assessment tool that helps individuals understand their emotional intelligence strengths and areas for development. Work of Leaders focuses on leadership development, providing insights into leadership styles and strategies for effective communication.

For personal development on working with a team we recommend personal development, for improving team dynamics, skills and relations we recommend using Team Development, a comprehensive tool that provides insights into team dynamics and identifies areas for development. This tool helps individuals develop skills and strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

We also offer team diagnostic tools, including the Team Leader View, Organization View, and Team 360 View. These tools provide valuable insights into team dynamics, strengths, and areas for development. The Team Leader View assesses the leadership competencies of team leaders, while the Organization View provides an overall assessment of the organization’s culture and effectiveness. The Team 360 View provides a comprehensive evaluation of team members’ competencies, strengths, and areas for development.

Overall, our choice of diagnostic tools reflects our commitment to providing high-quality coaching and training services that help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. We carefully select and recommend tools that are proven effective in providing insights and strategies for personal and organizational development.

  1. Workplace
  2. Agile EQ
  3. Work of Leaders


  1. Personal Development
  2. Team Development


  1. Team Diagnostic
  2. Team Leader View
  3. Organization View
  4. Team 360 View


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