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This is the Positivity Coaching policy on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Our purpose is to inform the visitors of the website, our students, associates, and clients on our position regarding the above concepts, having as our basic principle that our work as well as the work of each company / organization has an impact on a wider system with many subsystems and therefore, on the world. We aim for a conscientious and radiant world, in its best version for both the present and the future. A world that venerates values, elevates the worthy and overcomes injustices, exclusions, and discriminations – voluntary or involuntary.  We understand that as coaches we support our clients to make choices and changes. In the face of the world-historical changes that have been launched in the new decade, we are committed to having and facilitating awareness on the issues of diversity, inclusion, justice, and discrimination. We are committed to nurturing and aligning intention, awareness, and action.

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Diversity means variety, difference, and heterogeneity. As a social term, diversity implies the fight against prejudice and unfair discrimination, while as a personal term it concerns the understanding and appreciation of the differences that exist between people. Diversity concerns gender, age, race, nationality, language, religious beliefs, social and economic level, sexuality, constitutional / physical / mental / spiritual condition of each individual.

  • We at Positivity Coaching through our determination and work on the direction of a developmental culture, which is decisive in the organizations and businesses of today and tomorrow, and arises through the diversity of individuals, and therefore, systems, argue that diversity unites us. We advocate diversity against the stereotypes that arise through obsolete beliefs and based on our full alignment with the global “Diversity” social standards, through our educational programs, actions and overall work which marks the society, we firmly declare, with full awareness and responsibility, to all the citizens of the world to whom we dedicate our work, that Positivity Coaching is free of discriminations, prejudices and obsolete stereotypes – remnants that have no place in its developmental culture.


The value of inclusion arose in 1994 with the Salamanca Statement on equal treatment, which has been adopted by many states. Inclusion offers the right to every person with disabilities of any nature who need special education to have full access to the education they desire and deserve as it is their absolute right. An education good enough that can offer them everything they might need to develop and thrive. In conclusion, inclusion eliminates inequalities and fights racism and discriminations.

  • We at Positivity Coaching, advocate holistic interventions against the marginalization of individuals, and our main belief is that education, development, and access to social goods and services, are universal rights, therefore, all our educational programs are offered both in person and online for all those who are either far away or unable to attend classes in person. Furthermore, the training material of the educational platform is rich to such an extent and form as to stimulate the senses of hearing and sight with which the training is received and assimilated. All our programs emphasize on interaction since, as has already been mentioned, “diversity unites us”. This co-creative context, with a non-judgmental behavior from trainers and co-trainees, openness, and absolute respect for everyone’s kind of personality, promotes emphasizing to listening all opinions and beliefs and finally, through this diversity, the team is flourishing.  The vision of the coaching culture is the evolution of teams, individuals and organizations through the different voices and values ​​that they themselves have set as values.


Justice is the legal, or philosophical theory with which Law is applied. Justice is defined as a good that does not aim for the happiness of anyone who practices it, but for those on the receiving end. Consequently, justice is the mightiest of virtues because it is not exercised for its own benefit, but for the sake of a third. Justice is a universal value, a value that exists in every human being as a “spirit of law”. Justice, among other concepts, is all about equality, unity, rights and of course the obligations that all human beings have in a society. The spirit of law upholds the value of every individual, which elevates the society at large. Equity is an approach that ensures everyone has access to the same opportunities.

Equity recognizes that we don’t all start from the same place because advantages and barriers exist. It’s a process that acknowledges uneven starting places and seeks to correct the imbalance. Diversity and inclusion are both outcomes. Equity is not. It refers to the process an organization engages in to ensure that people with marginalized identities have the opportunity to grow, contribute, and develop .

  • Positivity Coaching, in a fully harmonized nature with the spirit of law and Justice and Equity in general, argues that every human being and citizen of the world must have equal access, rights and obligations with the rest of society. We feel that those who happen to be in an unfavorable social position, or situation, or in vulnerable groups, need extra support, our special attention, and awareness, with actions that indicate this direction.
  • Through all our programs, all the trainees are treated equally and equally receive what we have to offer with no exception. An excellent education quality and services to the highest market’s standards. The aforementioned apply to both our clients and our associates.

Bias and Discrimination

Discrimination is the belief that is not based on rational argumentation to which it is relentlessly opposed. It is interpreted as an opinion, or a set of opinions, or even as a whole theory that has been formed in non-scientific, commonly accepted, way, but also as a view that includes emotions such as contempt and hatred. Discrimination is not an opinion since opinions cannot be considered wrong, but a solid belief.

  • Positivity Coaching is fully aware that prejudices and biases create discrimination. Discrimination is a common phenomenon that concerns us, as we aim of eliminating it by any means and every way. By coaching and the developmental culture that we promote to organizations, companies, and individuals, we also promote the value of the scientificity that we possess, which goes hand in hand with humanity. All our associates and trainers are accredited coaches by ICF, EMCC or AC and of course all the tools we use are globally distinguished and recognized. Additionally, all the training programs we offer are certified by ICF and of course all trainees have our full support throughout their trip towards accreditation. We claim that “Credentials matter”, since knowledge, education, lifelong learning and scientificity that emerges through them, are very important paths in the life of every professional who works with other people. This entails function, and at the same time, responsibility. Scientificity and knowledge eliminate discrimination.

Should you have any questions about this policy, or you want to contact us, you can find us at ask (at) communication email. We will respond to you within a reasonable time, and in any case within one month upon receiving your query – request.

Positivity Coaching has the right to modify this policy at any time. In this case we will inform you about it and we will modify the date of its update, which is written at the end of it.

Last update:  October, 2021

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