Our Group Supervision program at Positivity Global Coaching embraces a collective journey toward professional growth and personal transformation. This initiative offers a unique platform for coaches to refine their skills, expand their understanding, and deepen their coaching practices through shared experiences and mutual support. Engaging in our structured sessions enhances your coaching techniques and fosters a supportive community, empowering you to deliver more impactful coaching sessions and achieve greater personal and client success.

Our Group Supervision Programme at Positivity Global Coaching is designed to foster professional growth among coaches through collaborative learning. Spanning several months, this program includes monthly sessions where participants engage in case studies, peer feedback, and reflective practices. Aimed at experienced coaches, the objective is to enhance coaching effectiveness, ethical understanding, and personal development, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improving coaching skills and client outcomes.

The benefits of participating in our Group Supervision Programme include enhanced self-awareness, improved coaching skills, a deeper understanding of coaching ethics, and a supportive community of peers. This enriches your professional practice and contributes significantly to your personal growth and client satisfaction.

In our Group Supervision Programme, coaches commit to 6 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, scheduled every four to six weeks. These sessions are led by Master Coach Angelos Derlopas and conducted via Microsoft Teams. We maintain an intimate setting by limiting group sizes to 5 participants, fostering a conducive environment for personalized feedback and deeper learning. The value of the investment is €650.00 (+ VAT if applicable) per person.

The facilitator of our Group Supervision Programme, Master Coach Angelos Derlopas, is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in coaching and leadership development. His qualifications include certified coaching credentials, ICF MCC, EMCC ESIA accreditation, and a proven track record of facilitating growth and transformation in various organizational contexts.

Participants in the Group Supervision Programme should be practicing coaches who are committed to their professional development and willing to engage actively in all sessions. They should be open to receiving and providing constructive feedback, ready to share experiences, and prepared to explore and reflect on their coaching practice in a group setting.

The process includes completing an online form, detailing coaching experience and expectations from the program. Upon submission, candidates may be invited for a brief interview to ensure alignment with program goals.

Please express your interest by registering, and we will contact you once we have enough participants to commence the course. https://forms.office.com/e/DVUtV5pJT0


Angelos Derlopas, MSc, MCC, ACTC, ESIA

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