Philosophy as a supervisor:

As a supervisor, I make myself available to the experience of the field. I am delighted to be relieved of the burden of knowing and feel immensely joyful in experiencing the potential of all possibilities. Most importantly, since I am not alone, au contraire, I work in partnership with the other, the friendly, the explorer, the wanderer, the skeptic, the supervisee. I hold an interest in walking together in our temenos, where time, and place are not important as much as gender, religion and age. It is my passion and fascination to explore with awe, serenity, respect, a welcoming appreciation … a child’s lust for everything that is important to the other, everything that is a life-giving source, everything that is a rebellion of mind, everything that lives in the darkened outskirts of our awareness.

My intention enables my attention to transcend any expectation. My intention is a flower that gives scent and color to my attention. It enables my attention to have endurance and to be tireless when connecting with the other to create a safe space for exploration, amazement and awe. I am not intentional in purposefully exploring. I am intentional in maintaining a high level throughout the experience. I am serene. I am innocent. I am unintentional. I am the available exploration. I am the place and the way of service. I practice the supervisor’s willingness to outlive my capacity and transcend my day in order to connect the other with what is not yet here. My bridge, inside the temenos, connects spaces beyond what can be seen as legacy.

Style and aim:

My style is systemic eclectic. It draws on Karpman drama triangle, the seven-eyed model of supervision, transpersonal psychology, psychology of relationships, systemic understanding of organisations, working with image and metaphor, time to think model of supervision, the full spectrum model, leadership embodiment, gestalt techniques, mindfulness practices and theory U. My favourites are transactional analysis and the use of humour when the client allows.
I am 
particularly skilled in using relational presence and energy management, building the internal supervisor and accessing intuition.
I am of course fascinated with the supervisory conversations and looking forward to working together.
You can bring client work, contractual conversations, coaching themes, critical incidents in your work, personal reflections and anything else that you feel might be useful for you to talk about in supervision.
Please note that these sessions are equally supportive for:

  • professional coaches
  • senior leaders/managers
  • CXOs  and VPs

My aim is to support coaches, executives & teams through developmental dialogue to make shifts so their authentic presence will emerge & flourish. I do this by holding a safe space for the client to enable self reflection and free expression and share difficult questions as invitations for exploration of the potential ahead. In this process I value clarity, diversity, intention and action.

Clients Testimonials

Letter of recommendation for Angelos Derlopas by UN RC Bhutan

Please contact Angelos if you would like to be considered for the next group or if you would like your own private coaching supervision sessions. These guidelines will guide our work together.


Angelos Derlopas, MSc, ESIA, MCC

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