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In today’s rapidly changing world, challenges pop up everywhere and continuously. However, a positive mindset shines as the beacon of transformative change. At Positivity Global Coaching, we hold that a positive mindset empowers. Our core values – Positivity, Integrity, Excellence, Growth, and Innovation – place us at the crossroads of transformative coaching and deep personal growth.

We have a vision that’s both broad and personal: We imagine a world where positivity and transformative coaching reach every person, every team, and every organization. This connection allows everyone to tap into their unmatched potential. With our mission guiding us, we aim to empower individuals to reshape their surroundings. Consequently, we cultivate a rich mix of optimism and ambition, turning dreams into reality, one memorable coaching session at a time.

So, if you’re starting a personal growth journey or guiding an organization to unparalleled success, remember this: With our certified coaching education, professional sessions, and state-of-the-art behavioral diagnostic tools, you’re not merely selecting a service. Instead, you’re opting for a partnership that lights the way to the best version of yourself.

Let’s embark on this journey together! With us by your side, we’ll transform visions into tangible realities and dreams into notable achievements.


Our Vision & Mission


At Positivity Global Coaching, we envision a world where the power of positivity and transformative coaching reaches every corner, empowering individuals, teams, and organizations across the globe to embrace their unique visions and thrive. We are committed to being the beacon of excellence in certified coaching education and professional coaching sessions, supplemented by cutting-edge behavioral diagnostic tools. Through our international brigade of highly seasoned coaches and coach tutors, we aspire to shape a future where positive psychology principles drive profound well-being and unparalleled success.


Our mission is to empower people to reshape their world, fostering a positive mindset and actualizing their ambitions, one impactful coaching experience at a time.

Our Values

At Positivity Global Coaching, we believe in creating a world where positivity, integrity, and excellence form the bedrock of human interactions, both within and beyond our organization. These values propel us forward as we strive to set new benchmarks in the coaching industry, ensuring a positive and lasting impact on all those we engage with. 

  • Positivity. We embrace the profound impact of positivity as a catalyst for growth and prosperity, aiming to instill optimism and hope in all interactions. We are committed to inspiring individuals and teams to foster a mindset that sees opportunities even amidst challenges.
  • Integrity. We maintain unwavering accountability to the highest ethical principles, upholding honesty, transparency, and authenticity in every action. Integrity steers our decision-making, highlighting trust and reliability to forge enduring partnerships and construct a reputation that mirrors our core identity.
  • Excellence. We relentlessly pursue excellence in every aspect of our work, setting the bar high for ourselves and our industry. Our dedication to continuous improvement drives us to provide the highest quality coaching education and services, coupled with state-of-the-art behavioral diagnostic tools.
  • Growth. We consistently push the envelope, encouraging our team and partners to venture beyond their comfort zones. This drive propels us to explore new frontiers and enable all involved to realize their maximum potential. In this way, we become the vehicle of our clients’ personal and professional growth.
  • Innovation. We seek to constantly refine our coaching techniques, incorporating the latest advancements in psychology, technology, and leadership. Innovation supports us in delivering the most effective and impactful coaching to our clients. Thusly we are at the forefront of the coaching industry, pioneering new ways to empower our clients.


The Coaching Pledge

In my active pursuit to create a world where coaching crosses borders and champions global growth, as a Positivian, I commit to:



  • Seeking solutions proactively rather than dwelling on problems.
  • Uplifting and supporting my peers and clients, especially in adversity.
  • Celebrating every victory, no matter its magnitude.
  • Valuing constructive feedback over mere judgment.
  • Maintaining optimism and resilience, even when faced with challenges.



  • Maintaining transparency in all my communications and deeds.
  • Owning up to my mistakes and actively working to amend them.
  • Reliably honoring all my commitments and promises.
  • Steering clear of deception or misleading information in marketing and service delivery.
  • Guaranteeing that awarded certifications reflect true merit.
  • Upholding ethical behavior at all times, even when faced with challenges or when it goes unseen.
  • Assessing my decisions through a lens of morality and authenticity, ensuring they align with our foundational values.



  • Pursuing the pinnacle of service delivery quality.
  • Dedicating myself to lifelong learning and personal growth.
  • Establishing lofty standards while continually revisiting and refining our approaches.
  • Fostering a culture where feedback fuels perpetual improvement and cherishing each chance to evolve.
  • Providing coaching services that are not only elite but also catered to distinct individual requirements.
  • Employing the finest diagnostic tools and methods to guarantee unmatched insights and outcomes.
  • Showcasing meticulousness and precision in every task I undertake.



  • Prioritizing both my personal and professional growth.
  • Cultivating a learning environment for every team member.
  • Proactively searching for challenges and avenues to expand our company.
  • Establishing and chasing bold objectives for our company and each team member.
  • Collaborating with diverse communities and cultures to enrich our viewpoint.
  • Applauding instances where team members or clients push past their limits.
  • Nurturing a culture that values insights from both our successes and missteps.
  • Continuously adapting our company and its services to meet the evolving demands of our clients.



  • Fostering a culture where we continually challenge the status quo.
  • Advocating for the discovery of innovative coaching methods, tools, and techniques.
  • Actively sourcing the newest research and weaving it into our coaching approaches.
  • Embracing and cherishing a myriad of ideas and viewpoints.
  • Periodically revisiting and refining our training and certification resources to guarantee their relevance and potency.
  • Spearheading industry dialogues and platforms, establishing our company as a trailblazer and thought leader.


The company’s core values drive our behaviors, offering a detailed guide for our employees, associates, and collaborators. This guide helps them understand their roles and how to interact, ensuring everyone aligns with the company’s primary mission and vision.

By weaving these behaviors into our daily tasks and nurturing them within our team, we guarantee that our actions consistently mirror our values.

Our values serve as our guiding star. Relying on them, we commit to maintaining top-tier standards in coaching, certification, and diagnostics. With mutual respect and support, we pledge to change lives for the better.

With our vision lighting the way, we at Positivity Global Coaching remain steadfast in our dedication to create a world enriched by positivity and transformative coaching. Each of our behaviors and actions stands as evidence of our mission: We empower individuals to transform their surroundings, nurture positivity, and make dreams come true, one impactful coaching experience at a time.

To all who have journeyed with us, and to those yet to join our voyage, thank you for being a part of this magnificent ripple effect. Here’s to a world that’s forever inspired, empowered, and flourishing.


Last update: October 23, 2023


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