Learn all about the Smart Certificates and how to use them.

Positivity Coaching  has partnered with CVTrust to grant Smart Certificates which are secure certified digital copies of all accreditation certificates that includes an easy way to share the certificates they have earned with recruiters, future employers, or professional and personal networks.

The certificates are managed through an account created for each certificate holder on the CVTrust web-based platform. Participants will be able to manage all of their certificates in one place and access them anytime from anywhere. Smart Certificates may be sent as a secure PDF document or with a personal hyperlink via any electronic means.

Smart Certificates will enable all accreditation award holders to:

  • Receive instant access to verified digital certificates
  • Store certificates in a secure web based platform accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Share certificates easily across social networks or via email
  • Post Smart Certificates to their LinkedIn profile
  • Prevent fraud and reduce counterfeiting
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Eliminate the need to apply to EMCC Global for lost, misplaced, or damaged certificates.

Read CVTrusts FAQ for more information

User Guide to Activate and Share your Smart Certificates on Linked In



Do you want to receive your PCC credential without submitting your coaching sessions to ICF?

If you are an ACC coach, or have a 60-hour ACSTH training certificate, we’ll accept it towards your LEVEL 2 certificate in our “Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching Mastery”.
Send us an email at ask@positivityglobal.org


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