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Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential is a comprehensive, collaborative, and appreciative process designed to enhance your coaching capabilities in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. As a coach, you understand the immense value that coaching can bring to both personal and professional lives – increasing clarity, motivation, identification of strengths, renewal of passion, deepening learning, and ultimately, helping to reach goals. Mentor Coaching takes that notion to heart, embodying the idea that ‘every coach should have a coach.’

Mentor Coaching can be likened to advanced driving instruction, focusing on developing higher levels of competence and honing specific coaching ‘hows’ such as listening, asking questions, reflecting, and holding clients accountable. Like a race-car driving instructor, a mentor coach can help you concentrate on particular competencies or skill sets throughout your coaching career, ensuring you continually elevate your expertise.

Additionally, mentor coaching may be essential for maintaining and renewing professional credentials or licenses, just as driving instruction may require periodic refreshers for regulation or licensing purposes. When you approach a mentor coach, you come with the intention to improve a specific competency, such as, “I want to enhance my X competency.”

By participating in Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential, you invest in your professional development, refining your skills and deepening your understanding of the coaching process. This not only benefits you as a coach but also enriches the experiences and outcomes of your clients. Mentor Coaching is an invaluable opportunity to grow, evolve, and thrive in your coaching practice, ensuring you continue to deliver excellence and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those you serve.

The full course

The Ten Individual Mentor Coaching Sessions are an essential component of a comprehensive Mentor Coaching program, designed to provide personalized support and guidance for coaches seeking to enhance their skills and align with the ICF Core Competencies. These sessions are intentionally spread over an extended period, such as a minimum of three and a half months, allowing for a more effective learning cycle. This approach ensures that you have ample time to receive valuable feedback from your Mentor Coach, reflect on your progress, and put the newly acquired skills into practice.

During the individual mentor coaching sessions, your Mentor Coach will focus on assessing your current competencies and identifying areas for improvement. By demonstrating and guiding you through the best techniques tailored to your needs, your Mentor Coach helps you develop the desired competencies or adapt to specific coaching situations.

The structure of these ten sessions fosters a strong mentor-mentee relationship, allowing for open communication, trust, and collaboration. This environment encourages you to engage in honest self-assessment, receive constructive feedback, and ultimately, grow as a coach.

Throughout the mentor coaching sessions, your Mentor Coach will:

  1. Assess your current level of coaching competency.
  2. Identify areas that require improvement or enhancement.
  3. Share best practices and techniques to elevate your skills.
  4. Provide real-time feedback on your coaching sessions, observed or recorded.
  5. Offer guidance on how to better align your coaching practice with the ICF Core Competencies.
  6. Support you in applying the newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life coaching situations.
  7. Encourage reflection, self-awareness, and continuous learning.
  8. Help you set specific goals and create an action plan for your professional development.

By participating in these ten individual mentor coaching sessions, you invest in your growth as a coach, ensuring that you continue to provide exceptional coaching services and make a profound impact on the lives of your clients.

Investment: 1,800 €.


Half way

The Five Individual Mentor Coaching Sessions are designed to provide focused and personalized support for coaches aiming to enhance their coaching skills and align with the ICF Core Competencies. Engaging in mentor coaching sessions with Angelos Derlopas, an MCC, CMC (Certified Mentor Coach), and ICF Assessor, offers you a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced and esteemed professional in the coaching field.

By participating in these five individual mentor coaching sessions, you can expect to enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. Greater self-confidence: As you develop your coaching skills and gain mastery over the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, your confidence in your abilities as a coach will naturally grow.
  2. Increased awareness: Through mentor coaching, you will gain deeper insight into your own coaching style, strengths, and areas for improvement, fostering greater self-awareness and personal growth.
  3. Deepened proficiency, competency, and artistry: Angelos Derlopas will help you refine your coaching techniques and enhance your ability to apply the ICF Core Coaching Competencies effectively, enabling you to deliver more impactful coaching sessions.
  4. Learn new ways to create breakthroughs for your clients: By expanding your coaching toolkit and honing your skills, you will be better equipped to facilitate powerful breakthroughs for your clients, leading to more successful coaching outcomes.
  5. Grow your referral base due to increased effectiveness: As your coaching effectiveness improves, satisfied clients will be more likely to refer you to others, helping you grow your coaching practice.
  6. Fulfil your requirement for your ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential: The five individual mentor coaching sessions can help you meet the mentor coaching requirements for obtaining or renewing your ICF credential at the ACC, PCC, or MCC level.

By investing in these five individual mentor coaching sessions with Angelos Derlopas, you are taking a significant step toward advancing your coaching career and ensuring that you continue to provide exceptional coaching services that make a lasting impact on the lives of your clients.

Investment: 1,000 €.


À la carte

Participating in three or fewer individual mentor coaching sessions can still provide valuable insights and growth opportunities for coaches seeking to improve their skills and align with the ICF Core Competencies. These sessions may be particularly beneficial if you are unsure about committing to a longer mentor coaching program or if you have specific areas of focus that you would like to address.

Consider the following self-quiz to determine if mentor coaching might be beneficial for you:

  1. Might I benefit from the opportunity to practice my skills with someone with “fresh eyes” who will give me honest and constructive feedback, and who can effectively support my next-level development?
  2. Am I seeking a level of credentialing as a professional coach?
  3. Could there be more nuanced layers of coaching competency available for my discovery?
  4. Might I have hidden habits, attitudes, or beliefs that keep me from reaching my full potential as a coaching professional?
  5. Could I be in need of new ideas and approaches to coaching?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you are ready to consider the “when, what, and how” of mentor coaching.

Engaging in three or fewer individual mentor coaching sessions can still offer significant benefits, such as:

  • Gaining personalized feedback and guidance to help you refine your coaching skills and techniques.
  • Identifying specific areas for improvement and developing a plan to address them.
  • Exploring new ideas, approaches, and perspectives in coaching.
  • Enhancing your understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and how they apply to your coaching practice.
  • Receiving support and encouragement as you strive for growth and development in your coaching career.

Whether you’re looking to meet credentialing requirements or simply seeking to improve your coaching abilities, participating in a mentor coaching program can provide invaluable support and guidance on your journey to becoming a more effective and impactful coach.

Investment: 800 €.

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