Synchronicity is a concept introduced by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe meaningful coincidences that are not causally connected but are still connected through their meaning. According to Jung, synchronicity is a phenomenon that occurs when an external event or experience coincides with a person’s inner state or subjective experience, producing a sense of significance or meaning.

Jung believed that synchronicity was not just a random coincidence, but rather a meaningful connection that occurs between two seemingly unrelated events. He suggested that these events are connected by a deeper, underlying pattern or meaning, which is not immediately apparent to the conscious mind.

Synchronicity can take many forms, from seemingly insignificant coincidences to profound and life-changing events. Examples of synchronicity might include meeting someone who shares your name or birthday, receiving a phone call or email from someone you were just thinking about, or having a dream that later comes true.

While some people may attribute synchronicity to chance or coincidence, others believe that it is evidence of a deeper connection between all things in the universe. Some spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism and Taoism, have long recognized the existence of synchronicity and view it as a sign of the interconnectedness of all things.

Overall, synchronicity remains a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon that has captured the interest of many people over the years. Whether it is a random coincidence or a deeper connection between all things, it continues to inspire awe and wonder in those who experience it.

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