Interested in becoming a coach? Adding coaching competence to your line of work? Explore personal development? 

Don’t get trained as a coach. Get educated.

Are you about to start your journey to become a professional coach?

Start here: “Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching Mastery” ICF ACTP

-OR- if you want to take it step-by-step

Start here:  “Diploma in Positivity Coaching (Personal & Executive)” ICF ACSTH

  • Theory: The educational treasure of asynchronous learning is here! Video lectures, demo videos with applications of tools and models, all the educational manuals and a plethora of articles are waiting for you!
  • Reflection: The active, persistent and careful examination of a belief or supposed form of knowledge, the reasons that support this knowledge and the further conclusions to which this knowledge leads.
  • Experience: The process of experiencing an event and the ability or knowledge gained by doing something. Carefully designed assignments transform experience into knowledge and understanding into skill.

Got coaching fundamentals and want to become a Team Coach?

“Diploma in Team Coaching” ICF ACSTH

  • Gain a clear understanding of the theory and methodology of Team Coaching.
  • Develop specific Team coaching competencies.
  • Enhance your confidence, authority, presence and resilience when working with teams at all levels.
  • Support teams to grow and become self-aware entities that change the way they relate and communicate in order to create a container that lets their authentic presence surface and flourish.

You’re a seasoned PCC and you want to suit up for your MCC?

Go here to embark on the Wise Masterful Journey. “Journey to Wise Masterful Coaching”.

  •        Develop specific Master coaching competencies.
  •        Effectively provide a reflective space for clients about their practices.
  •        Enhance your confidence, authority, presence and resilience when working with clients at all levels.
  •        Offer opportunities to explore connections between the who and the what.
  •        Apply your learning to your own client – with support from faculty and a group supervision setting.

You’re an ICF credential holder for 4+ years and you want to Mentor Coach others?

Mentor Coach Certification Programme – ICF CCE.

Become a mentor coach, serve your clients, your coaching community and the profession by becoming a passionate, resourceful, intelligent, curious and supportive mentor coach willing and able to forward the profession, the art and science of coaching by offering the support, guidance and wisdom needed to safeguard the quality standards of coaching in a co-learning environment guided and facilitated by ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) Angelos Derlopas. Learn more here

“Positivity is not simply about being nice, giving in, or giving away the store. Rather, positivity broadens your outlook, bringing more possibilities into view. With positivity, your thoughts and actions surface more spontaneously; you’re better able to envision future prospects and win-win solutions. You become more apt to build lasting relationships, attracting loyalty instead of bitterness.”-B.Fredrickson, 2009.

We specialise in developing Communities of Practice through continuous learning, coaching, mentoring and coaching supervision with surgical accuracy.

Personal Coaching

62 learning hours

Pathway to ACC credential

May 4, 2022-October 5, 2022

Team Coaching

62 learning hours

Pathway to ACTC credential

October 3, 2022-February 6, 2023

Professional Coaching

126 learning hours

Pathway to PCC credential

May 4, 2022-April 3, 2023

Masterful Coaching

82 learning hours

Pathway to MCC credential

October 19, 2022-July 12, 2023

Choose Positivity Coaching for flexibility, effectiveness, quality and reliability.

When you sign up you can expect that you will experience coaching from all angles and get the support by our “5 satellite system”. You will get: your trainer, your coach, your tutor, your mentor and your supervisor. No compromise.

Proven fit-to-learn format

The groundbreaking design of our programmes is ideal for busy people. It’s based on a proven system that combines on-demand videos with rolling self-paced learning, live online video group and one-on-one calls, fully online and experiential assignments backed with the support of ongoing coaching supervision. You can start from Level 1 and upgrade when you want. All the way up to Level 3.
No compromise. Ever.

Our Commitment to Equity

Our Commitment to Equity

We understand that as coaches we support our clients to make choices and changes. In the face of the world-historical changes that have been launched in the new decade, we are committed to having and facilitating awareness on the issues of diversity, inclusion, justice, and discrimination. We are committed to nurturing and aligning intention, awareness, and action. Read more…

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Do you want to receive your PCC credential without submitting your coaching sessions to ICF?

If you are an ACC coach, or have a 60-hour ACSTH training certificate, we’ll accept it towards your ACTP certificate in our “Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching Mastery”.
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