I recommend Angelos as a Coach. I have worked with him over the past 6 months and found the space he created with me for reflection about my professional practice to be invaluable. His insights and feedback are on point and challenged my thinking and way of being which I found valuable.

The conversations I’ve had with Angelos as my 1oaching partner have led to concrete results when it comes to my position as Resident Coordinator in UN Bhutan. Examples are increased awareness in terms of facilitating team-work as well as increasing my perspectives on leadership. I appreciate his style of coaching. In his listening, he acts with insight and poise. His questions are characterized by clarity and close follow-up. He has a strong ability to be both heart-centered and action oriented. His way of being both calm and secure in the role as a coach, brings purpose into the conversations. I am grateful for the conversations I have had with Angelos for the last 6 months. He is a good coach with solid skills, insightful curiosity and a flexibility that is performance oriented.

I have been a UN Resident Coordinator for over four years now and am consistently looking for ways to improve and grow my leadership skills and presence. I enjoyed Angelos’ style of coaching. He consistently takes a coaching approach to our interactions, which leaves me in the driver’s seat on choosing coaching goals and outcomes. It has made me more mindful of the power of holding space for my team, knowing they are capable of bringing forth their goals and outcomes.

In summary, I found Angelos’ style open, insightful and nonjudgmental and would recommend him to anyone who is seeking to deepen their leadership practice.

Letter of recommendation for Angelos Derlopas by UN RC Bhutan

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