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◉▶︎POSITIVITY Global is focusing on accelerated learning and high standards by introducing multiple focal points, cross-pollination and our groundbreaking combo of learning modalities.

POSITIVITY Global Five Satellites™️ will
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⌘ catalyse and
⌘ catapult your mastery.

◉▶︎Enroll and get access to your tutor, your trainer, your mentor, your coach and your supervisor.

🎓Experience igniting participatory learning methods. 


▶︎Theory: The educational treasure of asynchronous learning is here! Video lectures, demo videos with applications of tools and models, all the educational manuals and a plethora of articles are waiting for you!

▶︎Reflection: The active, persistent and careful examination of a belief or supposed form of knowledge, the reasons that support this knowledge and the further conclusions to which this knowledge leads.

▶︎Experience: The process of experiencing an event and the ability or knowledge gained by doing something.

▶︎Study: Carefully designed assignments transform experience into knowledge and understanding into skill.

▶︎Completion: The graduation framework creates opportunities for learning, distinction, visibility and promotion.



The program is accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as ACTP for 126 hours.
The ACTP accreditation means that you can receive your PCC credential without having to submit recordings of your coaching sessions to the ICF. Why? Because the performance evaluation, based on your recordings, will be processed by our own assessors inside the program.

This satisfies ICF training requirements for the PCC credential.

We will accept your ACC training credits towards your ACTP certificate.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is appropriate for:
• Managers/ Directors and leaders who are, or want to be significantly involved in organizational coaching and mentoring.
• Individuals wishing to take the first steps into independent coaching practice.
• Executives who provide in‐house coaching in their organization.


  • Coaching definition & distinctions
  • Core Coaching Competencies
  • Code of Ethics
  • TOMAS Model / GROW model / PERMA model / FEEL Model / SNACK model/ STOP model / 4Ds model
  • PASSPORT method / Immunity to change / Wheel of Life / Triple A
  • Belief systems, Values, Hierarchy of needs
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Mindful Coaching
  • Emotional, Social & Positive Intelligence
  • Positive Genius
  • Positivity ratio
  • Team Coaching definition & modalities distinctions
  • Team Coaching Competency Model
  • MAGIC / Five Behaviors / Team Performance / PERILL / Team Positivity & Productivity strengths
  • Team coaching techniques & skills
  • Teams stages of development
  • Team success and failure systemic factors
  • Communication toxins
  • Conflict coaching
  • Creativity for teams
  • 5 Book reviews (300 words each)
  • 1 Video presentation (15-20 min)
  • 1 Reflective journal (1,500 words)
  • 1 Diploma essay (5,000 words)
  • Practice with external clients (min.50 hrs.)

Finally, remember, that in order to become a good coach we must first look to ourselves.
We invite you to bring an open mind to this positive process.
Be ready to embrace new concepts and hopefully some new insights into who you are and most importantly enjoy the journey!

  1. Speak with a Faculty member
  2. Fill in the Registration Form
  3. Attach a short bio
  4. You are ready

If you have any questions relating to this programme please send us an email here.

$8,150 paid in full

Instalments plan available with major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) at a slightly higher total.
You can split tuition into 4 interest-free payments with PayPal Pay Later.
Completion Certificates are issued only when full tuition amount is paid.
There is no penalty for early payment of tuition in advance.

Upon successful graduation your certificate will be accredited for 126 hours by ICF as ACTP. This means that you can receive your PCC credential without having to submit recordings of your coaching sessions to the ICF.

Read here our Programs policy.
We will accept your ACC training credits towards your ACTP certificate.

There are many methods with which trainees become engaged.
All of these allow them to receive knowledge but with different retention rates.
In Positivity Coaching we use all the different learning methods and we emphasise in the participatory ones.
After all, what’s better than teaching coaching with the coaching way?

Once enrolled into the programme you will get access to:

  • Digital platform
  • On demand Video lectures
  • Online Training manual
  • Coaching Models on demand video demos
  • Classroom Q&A
  • Group Mentor Coaching
  • Privé Mentor Coaching
  • Group Supervision
  • Group Tutoring
  • Credentialed XP; receive coaching by ICF credentialed coaches
  • Overall 200 learning hours

Course start : May 4, 2022.

You can find the class schedule here.

In addition to the above, please note that the program includes 3 individual mentor coaching sessions which are scheduled privately at your convenience. We advise you to schedule these sessions in advance and plan them preferably around the last months of the program. You are also entitled to 3 privé coaching sessions with an experienced credentialed coach. We advise you to schedule these sessions in advance and plan them preferably around the middle of the program.

This program is delivered online and in English.

What’s included in the Welcome Pack?

  1. You will get access to the digital platform*
  2. Access to the Mentor Coaching sessions
  3. Access to Classroom Q&A
  4. Access to Tutoring
  5. Access to Observed practice
  6. Access to Coaching Supervision
  7. Three Privé PCC-level Mentor Coaching sessions
  8. Three PCC markers assessments
  9. Access to your Coach**

*Access to the digital platform includes:

  • on-demand video lectures,
  • training documents,
  • videos, and
  • forums.

**Three sessions with a credentialed coach paced at your convenience.

Our team extraordinaire:

Angelos Derlopas, MCC

Maureen Purcell, PCC

Florian Brody, PCC

Stella Gamvrelli, PCC

Liz Hall

We partner in learning and development with those who choose to be the reason we make the difference

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