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The effectiveness of an organization presupposes talented team members, capable managers/coaches, teams with high levels of engagement, effective strategies, and adequate progress monitoring systems. The primary goal of intervention in a working group is to create a collaboration framework that enables trust, the fertile support of expressing different ideas, the reinforcement of team members’ commitment, the embedding of the reinforcement of self-regulation structures, and the collective targeting of results. The results, after all, were the original purpose of the team’s convergence. And while our original goal is usually to change the way the team operates, collaborates, and produces, this often does not happen without also changing the members to the extent and in the way that the first is served. More so, such coaching sub-targets may have been initially known through methods such as the application of diagnostic psychometric tools such as the following.

Working with your team, we can use a range of reputable diagnostic tools for which we have authorization and the corresponding training and support from Team Coaching International as an Authorized Facilitator.

The pressure exerted on a team and its leader concerns the continuous improvement of performance. Now there is a simple process to quickly start this effort: a diagnostic tool that leverages the most fundamental wisdom of leadership: whatever is measurable is manageable. Request a diagnostic sample.

The Team Diagnostic™ is a unique team approach precisely because it sees the team as a dynamic “system”. The team is a living and dynamic entity with its own personality, communicated but also unwritten rules, vision, blind spots, and predispositions.

Your team can now receive clear and specific feedback through an anonymous survey of selected parts. The Team 360 View™ provides measurable feedback that will indicate the way for better team performance.

Sustainable high-level performance requires strong competence in performance skills. This comprehensive diagnostic provides a snapshot of the state of your organization’s strengths.

Tools to manifest yourself and change your world in your own way.

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