Retreat to the Greek Island Karpathos: –a new date comes soon

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you’re successful in your domain
you ask yourself – “what’s next?”
you need time for yourself
you are interested in coaching and meditation
it’s time for the island

γνῶθι σεαυτόν – know thyself
Finding time for yourself, to step back, reflect on your way of being, your inner values and your personal path gives you the unique opportunity to regain so much of your life you thought were lost. Being fully present is a gift for you and for everybody who is with you.
Join three teachers and a small group of practitioners to experience six days of in-depth coach sessions, meditation, stillness in nature, relaxing on the beach and much more—all amidst the pristine beauty of a Greek Island.
γνῶθι σεαυτόν (gnōthi seauton) – know thyself: Sokrates taught: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

retreat — reflect — regain

retreatmeans to “step back”. We invite you to step back from your work and personal life and take a look at where you are and where you want to be. Retreat in order to nourish yourself and find out how to sustain meaning and fulfillment in your life.

reflecton what your innermost purpose is; what has stopped you from fulfilling it so far and how it can be realized and maintained.

regainyour power and your vocation in life. Come out of this retreat with perspectives and tools that allow you to create a life of meaning and happiness.

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
— Mary Oliver

What will you get out of your retreat:

  • Practical strategies for the workplace
  • Better work-life balance
  • Meaningful plan for a resonant life


Have you ever felt that all your thinking, planning and activity have become pointless? You’ve hit a wall, with nothing beyond it? No solutions in sight? Your work, your relationships are going well — yet there is this nagging doubt: Is this really all? What now?
Then this retreat is for you.

Join us in Greece, on the shores of the beautiful Mediterranean, to voyage out into presence and fulfillment.
We humans have fascinating minds — we can think of the past and learn from it. We can imagine the future and plan its course. Yet this mind has shadow aspects as well. We can get totally stuck in our thinking. Nothing moves forward. Nothing moves backward. We can re-live cognitive and emotional patterns, even if we already know that they are not helpful and block our lives.

This retreat is a voyage into the deeper spaces of mind. During Zen meditation and two coaching sessions a day you will get to know your mind better, deeper, As you meet it using relaxation and mindful awareness, old patterns will transform and make space for new, surprising discoveries.

In Zen meditation you will learn to rest in immediate presence. Reconnecting with the “soft animal of your body” allows joy and ease, which have been covered up far too long by old cognitive patterns, to surface. This makes space for creative thinking and effective decision-making.

With this open, flexible mind, you will participate in coaching sessions that will give you greater understand about what has been hindering you in the past and what can guide you in the future.

Each day will begin with Zen meditation at dawn and end with a session after sunset. Two group coaching sessions, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon, will provide an opportunity for detailed explorations of mind, personality and purpose. After lunch there will be time for rest, swimming and discovering the beauty of Karpathos Island.



Explore the Core Elements of this Unique Retreat

Daily Zen Meditation

Zen meditation leads you into meaning. It helps you let go of excessive thinking about the past and future and find harmony in the immediate present. It guides you on your voyage, so you can recognize old habits and let go of them. It increases your capacity for creative thinking and effective decision-making.

The Coaching Journey

Coaching workshops facilitate your journey using the 5 Steps method. This is a revolutionary coaching method to focus, regain, break free and immerse yourself, thus letting the present surface and present its present. It’s an unprecedented coaching journey to your resonant and radiant fulfilment.

The Intelligence of Nature

Naturalist intelligence involves exploring how sensitive an individual is to nature and the world. From hikes of various lengths to beach stops and mountain views, we offer a wide choice of truly amazing experiences interacting with nature. It’s an amazing opportunity that should not be missed.

Our Five Step Coaching Method

Do you feel you have everything except meaning?

“What are you tolerating?” We sometimes find ourselves reserving space and energy in our life for something we would rather get rid of. Focus on what you are only tolerating so you move to emancipation.
“What are you are doing in vain? How can you let it go?” Create the space for identifying what is draining your energy. Break free from the things you are trying to achieve in vain; focus on your brain.
“What should you realize that you do that is in vain so you can let go?”
Create the space for you to spot what is draining your energy. Break free from what you try to achieve in vain; focus on your brain.
Break Free
“What are your dreams?” – Allow yourself to dream about something that is not there – be creative! You are here, so you are entitled to dream about important things. Remember: Imagination is a gift; immerse yourself in its wondrous lift.

The final day is the day you look inside and answer the question: “What is?” You clear the clutter so the present can surface and present its present. It’s an unprecedented coaching journey to your resonant and radiant fulfillment.


Your Retreat Reservation


The Team

Three international experts in the fields of meditation, mindfulness, life and leadership coaching, and business mentoring.

Bernd Bender

Zen Teacher
Berlin and Athens

Bernd Bender is a Zen teacher in Berlin and Athens and the founder of “Akazienzendo,“ Berlin, where he teaches Zen and mindfulness. He received his training in one of the most important Zen centers in the US, the San Francisco Zen Center, where he lived, studied and taught for 15 years. Bernd is mindfulness consultant for LEAD Academy, a well-known institution for leadership in Berlin; he gives talks and teaches workshops on implementing mindfulness in companies and organizations.  He studied literature and philosophy in Frankfurt and Berkeley.

“It is inspiring for me to apply ancient wisdom teachings to create meaning and balance in the uncertainties of a globalized world.”



“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.“
—Viktor E. Frankl

Zen meditation is a silent, upright sitting in the middle of our experience. In this process we increasingly come into harmony with ourselves, others, and our surroundings. If you have a meditation practice — great! If you are new to meditation — great! If you already meditate, we will help you deepen your practice and to continue with it after you return from Karpathos. If you are new to meditation, we will offer you a thorough introduction on the first evening. Working with you, we will find a suitable meditation posture for you and your body (Right away: meditating on chairs is as effective as sitting on the floor). And we will talk about how meditation works and what you can hope to accomplish with it. For the five days of the retreat you have the opportunity to participate in two hours of scheduled meditation per day. Of course, we are all in a different place — if two hours seem challenging, you are welcome to adapt meditation times to your personal needs. If you want to meditate more: this is always possible during unscheduled times. In meditation you can learn to access the space that is always available in between your thoughts and emotions. This will enable you to make more informed decisions, which are less and less influenced by established habits of feeling and thinking.

You will have at least one personal meeting with Bernd Bender to discuss your meditation practice and to share your insights and possible challenges.

Florian Brody

Integral Coach and Zen Practitioner
San Francisco and Vienna

Florian Brody is a life and leadership coach and a creative marketing executive with over 25 years of experience. As a certified Integral Coach® he works with professionals seeking a deeper path to authenticity and happiness; as a business consultant he supports companies in the innovation space in developing their own story and entering the market. He has co-founded several start-ups and raised significant amounts of venture funding. He also works as life and management coach in the start-up and not-for-profit space. Florian co-invented the first electronic books and created multiple groundbreaking digital publishing solutions in Europe and the US. He also built the multimedia market for Apple Austria and developed digital media catalogs at the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

Florian was a member of the graduate faculty at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and held the multimedia chair at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. He teaches entrepreneurship and mobile payment strategies at universities in Austria and Germany. He actively promotes collaboration between European countries and Silicon Valley and has initiated an incubator for Austrian start-ups. He is co-chair of the media and entertainment chapter at GABA, the German American Business Association. He is also adviser to AICSV, the Austrian Innovation Center in the Silicon Valley and was founding president of ASCINA. Florian grew up in Vienna where he studied computer linguistics and worked as a fashion photographer. He also worked at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and has been published in multiple languages. Florian is based in San Francisco and Vienna and has practiced Zen for over 30 years.





Florian on Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process based on mutual trust that allows the coach to deeply hear and understand the client in all aspects which opens a way to support personal development. Coaches don’t give advice, consult or mentor – they listen, ask the right questions and work with clients to enable them to be more authentic in their way of being and embrace a more fulfilling personal way of being.

Your coach supports you to be present in a way that supports you in being the person you want to be. The coaching sessions during the retreat will focus on common and individual aspects of our lives and specific issues presented by the participants. We will  work in groups and subgroups to explore topics that are relevant to our way of being and obstacles that hinder us to  show up in an authentic way. We will share practices and exercises that you can take with you from the island. We will integrate the coaching work with the meditation sessions and everyone will also have opportunities for individual coaching sessions with the coaches.

Angelos Derlopas
Positivity Leader and Coach

Angelos Derlopasis a Leadership coach with over 30 years of business experience. Having recorded a successful career as executive in several industries, he founded Positivity to offer high-level Professional Coaching services and education to the market. He is the author of two ICF ACSTH accredited coaching training programs and several ICF CCE ones. Angelos led a team of professionals who designed an educational coaching program at the National Centre of Public Administration and thus introduced coaching to the Greek public sector for the first time. He is a founding member and past president of the ICF Greece Charter Chapter and is currently serving as subject matter expert in ICF Global Job Analysis Task Force.

He is teaching coaching at Positivity, at the National Public Administration School and at the University of Piraeus. He trains coaches, coaching trainers, mentors and supervises them. He supervised a substantial amount of coaching interventions with his team of certified coaches in the non-profit sector.

He is a frequent speaker at coaching conferences in Europe and Asia and a keynote speaker in Greece. He received the Global Coaching Leadership Award 2013 from the World Coaching Congress in India, the Bronze CSR Award 2015 from the HR Community Awards in Greece and the 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award 2017 from the World HRD Congress in India. He has done postgraduate studies in both Business Administration (MBA) and Psychology (MSc), studied coaching in the UK and US, Mindfulness Awareness Practices at UCLA and is practicing meditation for more than 12 years now. He is a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC), a trained Team Coach Supervisor (AHA/CSA), a trained Mentor Trainer (CMI) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed through the International Coach Federation (ICF). He has 1,500 hours of experience in coaching and more than 3,000 hours in teaching coaching.




Angelos on Developmental Dialogues

“How does who we are as followers informs the way we are as leaders?”

Coaching can hold a safe and creative container so you can explore the challenges, gain more clarity and find the time and the way to reflect on how you can achieve, what may look difficult at first, by returning home – which means by being more of who you are. So, the decisions and actions will feel natural. So, you can be confident while implementing what is not conceived …. yet!

Feel confident delivering the leadership that is needed, while, at the same time, being able to develop your leadership skills in a safe and creative environment. Learning how you lead/coach your team members is one thing, learning how to be the leader that you want to be is the next. How do you want to develop your team may be linked with how you want to develop your leadership style. We are here to make this happen with the help of our developmental dialogues for leadership coaching.

The Island: Karpathos – Κάρπαθος

Join us in Greece, the place where it all started. We chose Karpathos, a small island in the Aegean which has preserved its originality through the years. And that makes it ideal for us who want to retreat, take a step back and see the whole picture; the big blue. Located on the most south-eastern border of Greece, exactly on the crossroads between western civilization and eastern philosophy. And that is precisely what we want to experience in these days. The intersection of Zen and Coaching that leads a personal development intensive for professionals. To retreat, reflect and regain in Karpathos. You can take advantage of the island’s international airport that has many direct flights from European cities. Check the list here. General information on the island here.

KARPATHOS covers an area of more than 300 km2 (116 sq mi), and is the second largest island in the Greek Dodecanese group in the southeast Mediterranean. Situated between Rhodes and Crete, it is mountainous with deep valleys and peaks offering panoramic views of the island.

Kathy’s Island Retreat

The small retreat center is located on an unspoiled stretch on the west coast of the island, a few minutes from the beach. Our group will have the entire center to itself. Recently renovated to an excellent standard, the rooms are bright and functional with an unimpeded view of the sea. Here you’ll fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to the summer breeze. Some rooms have A/C.

The restaurant is reserved for the retreat and serves farm-to-table products. At night, lights twinkle in the pine trees and candles are lit outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the star-filled Karpathian sky.

The Retreat – What’s included

The fee covers the retreat itself, along with your room and three meals a day.


Early bird – until April 15                   €1895
Standard ticket                                      €2095
Come with a friend                                €3775
early bird – until April 15 come
with a friend                                           €3405

What’s included:

  • retreat fee for all workshops, meditation and coaching
  • individual coaching as time permits
  • shared room
  • breakfast lunch, dinner
  • dinner on first day,  breakfast on last day
  • one evening at a taverna
  • excursion to Olympos village
  • yoga in the morning
  • transfer from and to port/airport

What’s not included:

  • drinks
  • surcharge for single room (if available)
  • surcharge for room with A/C (if available)
  • travel to Karpathos

Daily Schedule

  • 05.30 Morning bell & tea
  • 06.00 Zen meditation
  • 07.00 Breakfast
  • 08.00 Yoga
  • 09.00 Time off
  • 11.00 Coaching Journey, session 1
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Break for nap, swim, nothing
  • 17.00 Coaching Journey, session 2
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 Social time in the group
  • 21.00 Zen meditation in 3×20 min. periods

The retreat starts upon arrival on the afternoon of the first day and ends with departure after breakfast on the last day. It also includes accommodation and three meals per day from July 30 to August 3, as well as dinner on July 29 and breakfast on August 4. Most of the rooms have two single beds. Most have ceiling fans. A double bed can be arranged. Single occupancy and/or rooms with A/C can be arranged for an additional fee based on availability.

This schedule gives you a feeling for your days at R3. Once you register we will provide you with additional details and the actual schedule may vary and will be created together with all participants.

We strongly recommend that you get travel and travel health insurance including med evac. This is not included but highly recommended. Not included in the fee are cost for single room use, A/C room, drinks, incidentals, additional trips, fees, tips, massage sessions, extended individual work with the trainers, travel to and from Karpathos.

Your Retreat Reservation


Contact us:

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the R3 Retreat. Feel free to write in English, German, or Greek and we will do our best to respond in due time.

If you prefer, we can also schedule a call with you. Just let us know the time zone you are in and we send you a proposed call time.

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